In Japan recessed handles get usually mortised. Apart from adding a nice touch of design hard wood wears off less and makes cleaning easier. They are made from hard timber and are just cut, not cleaned or grounded. We offer them in various woods and sizes.

Examples of usage can be found on our workshop website

Recessed handles for Shoji

Recessed shoji handles - various timber
Item No. 11.30. – 11.38.
86 mm x 21 or 26 mm
price per piece
  • hard wood
  • raw cut, uncleanded, ungrounded

Recessed shoji handles from American nut tree

Recessed shoji handles from American nut tree
Item No. 11.37.
3 sizes
price per piece
  • timber: American nut tree

Traditional handles for Shoji, imported from Japan.
Colours may vary a bit. These are the last from a Sixties' bunch.
The raw wood is very dark and resembles ebony by look. Slightly cony-shaped they are easy to be set in.