We offer a whole range of products for Japanese inspired living which we look for in Japan and bring with us or import from there. As many are individual pieces we cannot offer them in our shop in all languages. Please refer to the German pages to see more products, photos and details.
You can contact us via eMail or phone +49-8624-891475 – we'd be happy to talk to you.

Paper for FusumaPaper for FusumaPaper for Fusuma

Paper for Fusuma

The range of themes, colours and styles is so huge – we'd be pleased to learn about your wishes so we can show and offer you an appropiate selection of possible papers.

Fusumapaper will then be cut and prepared to your required needs and be sent over from Japan (which can take a few weeks, but patience will be rewarded by exceptionell paper and quality)

Against a small security deposit we can lend you catalogues with samples – just ask us.

Antique recessed handles for Fusuma SampleAntique recessed handles for Fusuma SampleAntique recessed handles for Fusuma Sample

Antique recessed handles for Fusuma

In Japanes temples and palaces very very beautiful handles for fusuma can be found which artistry and creative versatility developped into an own art.

We can offer some antique handles which mostly rather come from middle-class households.

They differ in quality, so please have a look at all the pictures on the German pages and do also pay attention to their weights.

ranma - Antique Transom Windowranma - Antique Transom Window

Ranma - Antique Transom Windows

Ranma – traditional transom above sliding doors –  had been designed in manifold ways. They come with filigree network of bars, wonderful stylized themes or ample Chinese wood carvings.

Tokobashira - example in a Japanese RoomTokobashira - example in a Japanese Room


Tokobashira are posts from whole skinned tree stems used in Japanese houses as element representing nature next to the traditional decoration niche “Tokonoma”. Each is of individual character, branch holes and marks.

Tatami - High Quality - CutTatami - Japanese RoomTatami - High Quality - Cut


Tatami are used as floor cover in Japanese houses and rooms. Their dimensions and number laid out in rows defines the size of the room. There are different Tatami qualities. We offer Tatami High Quality for intense usage, Tatami Standard for normal usage and Tatami Unit (flat, light, easy to handle).

There are borders of many patterns and colours available.

Furniture Japanese Chairs ZaisuFurniture Japanese Chairs Zaisu

Furniture / modern lamps

We offer furniture like Japanes chairs and tables but also build them or even whole rooms in our own workshop.

Scroll calligraphy/painting (Kakejiku) - example

Hanging Scroll (Kakejiku)

Tokonoma, the traditional built-in recessed space in a Japanese style reception room usually holds a Kakejiku. In early times of religious, then also of seasonal reference, it serves as object for reflection or as decoration. Often the themes (calligraphy or paintings) were painted on silk. Mounting happened on paper, the socalled frame was of brocade edging.

Special glue, ripened over years keeps pieces of high quality ductile and rollable even after a long time, The roll endings are made of wood, bone, ivory or porcelain. At newer pieces also plastic can be found - unfortunately like all-around.



Unique pieces of art and objects symbolizing or reflecting buddhism.

Ikebana / Bonsai

Ikebana Bonsai

Ceramics and stone vases, tables and everything around the art of ikebana, flower decorating techniques and bonsai care.

Sudare /  Bamboo Blinds

Sudare – Bamboo Blinds

Sudare are blinds made of bamboo used as shield against sun, rain, insects on Japanese verandahs or at windows. Dames can look outside without being seen as well. Japanes enthusiasts appreciate these blinds of well-conserved quality but they do also look very well in modern rooms in front of high windows or as a kind of room dividers.

Elaborate sudare use high-quality bamboo, with silk and even gold embroidery.

Japanese lamps and lanterns


Antique Japanes lamps and lanterns are rare. Most have probably suffered due to their fragile materials from the daily usage and open fire. We can offer a few pieces which can serve as eye-catcher but can also match modern interior design.

Single Pieces | Example HibachiSingle Pieces | Example Hibachi

Single Pieces

Single and unique pieces – there might be one perfect for you...